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Greenyard Group announces on 14th October 2019 that it has completed the sale of its Greenyard Flowers UK Ltd to Yellow Holdings Ltd.

Yellow Holdings Ltd. led by Alex Newey (Director of Pebble Group) and Gilles Deprez (Managing Director of the company). This transaction ensures the further development of the company into a sustainable flowers business in the UK.

Greenyard Flowers is recognised as the UK’s and World leading grower and packer of daffodil flowers and bulbs, as well as being the home of the National Dahlia Collection. As a grower, we are able to manage the whole supply chain directly from the field to our customer's shelves.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our daffodils and the service we provide. We grow circa 2,700 acres in West Cornwall and together with our grower partners we are supplying nearly 40% of the UK market.  As Managing Director, Gilles Deprez remains responsible for the daily operations and continues to develop the strategic vision of the company.

Resting in the Varfell valley three miles from Penzance, overlooking the beautiful Mounts Bay and St Michael’s Mount, is the centre of operations for Greenyard Flowers ~ Varfell Farm. We pride ourselves as specialist breeders who have developed exclusive early and late flowering varieties.  Greenyard Flowers has an unrivalled variety portfolio in terms of seasonality and diversity. Our primary crop is daffodils but we also grow Agapanthus and Brodiaea in the late spring / summer.

Varfell Farm is also the home of the National Dahlia Collection. The collection consist of over 1600 named species and cultivars and is the only Collection of Dahlia’s registered with Plant Heritage. The presence of the National Dahlia Collection, having won converted Gold Medals at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea and Hampton Courts Shows positively supports the business. We continue to develop the supply of rooted Dahlia cuttings directly through our on-line B2C website.

Double Winner at the Annual Fresh Produce Consortium Awards 2017

Greenyard Flowers UK, the world’s largest daffodil producer, has secured the highest UK fresh produce industry accolade as Fresh Produce Business of the Year 2017.

Sustainability Success

Greenyard Flowers is proud to be the winner of the award for ‘Best Contribution to Environmental Growth’ at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards held at the Headland Hotel, Newquay on the 1st December.

The UK accounts for 90% of the worldwide production of daffodils and Cornwall is responsible for 80% of all UK production.

Greenyard Flowers produce over 500 million stems of Daffodils annually, supplying them to UK, European and US markets. We are the largest growers and sellers of Daffodils in the world.

Our main production site is situated just a few miles from Lands End in Cornwall. Benefiting from the effects of the Gulf Stream, the local climate is ideal for early production of Daffodil flowers.

Our Daffodil operation is based in Cornwall.

Cornwall’s unique climate and local knowledge make it the epicentre 80% of the World’s Daffodil production.

The National Dahlia Collection is part of Greenyard Flowers UK Ltd; the two-acre display garden is located on the farm which has over 1,600 different varieties. The garden provides visitors with the opportunity to browse through the beds to see old favourites, heritage varieties, and some of the newer varieties
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